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Beatrice Blanc Studios

Suzuki Violin, MacPhail Center for Music

2017-2018 AtAGlance

Fall Semester

                      Spring Semester
September  February
S M  T  W  T   F  S SMT WTFS
     12  SuperBowlWkend
3456789 45678910*
10111213141516 11121314151617
17181920212223 18192021222324
24252627282930 25262728   
October March
1234567 45678910*
891011121314 11121314151617
15161718192021 18192021222324
22232425262728 25262728293031
November April
   1234 1234567
567891011 891011121314
12131415161718 15161718192021
19202122232425 22232425262728
2627282930   2930     
December May
     12   12345
3456789 6789101112
10111213141516 13141516171819
17181920212223 20212223SAAConfe
24252627282930 rence293031  
January June
 123456      12
78910111213 3456789
14151617181920 10111213141516
21222324252627 Los AngelesSuzukiInst  
28293031    24SummerWk12930
 MacP tchg day  MacP tchg day
 nonMacP day/not avail  nonMacP day/not avail

27:SenConcJan27, 7pm@MacP

 NO Lessons or Grps&Orch   NO Lessons or Grps&Orch 
*SAM Grads
9Suz Grps/Orch Day1 
ChbrOrchRtrt 4-7:30
 13SprStudioRec AHall
4-5:30 incl Rcptn
9Suz Grps Out&About  21Group Concert @MacP
5Orch Conc 1:30p Antonello Hall 10, 29

Orch Conc
10th=10:30 AHall
29th=4:30 AHall

@MacP 3-5
Senr.s' Concerts
11th=w/ChbrOrch1p 27th=w/FcltyOrch7p

FaStudioRec AHall
5-6:30 incl Rcptn

 19, 20orch auditions
 StrQt: Fall  red=no   
 Sept: 23, 30   
 Oct: 7, 14, 21, 28   
 Nov: 4, 11, 18, 25    
 Dec: 2, 9, 16, 23, 30    
 Jan: 6, 13, 20, 27   
 Feb: 9 @ 5:30   
 FaConc: Feb9@7:30   

Blanc Studio Recitals

Our biannual celebrations of progress!

                                                                                  Antonello Hall


     Fall Studio Recital: Sunday December 3rd, 5-6:30 Antonello Hall      
Spring Studio Recital: Sunday May 13th, 4-5:30 Antonello Hall

Students can also participate in Friday-night Suzuki Department Recitals
and MacPhail All-School Recitals at the invitation of their teacher.



Suzuki Faculty Recitals

Spring Semester:
Friday, March 16th, 2018,
6:00 pm, Antonello Hall

Come listen to your teachers perform
pieces for students and families
to celebrate the
June 2019 Suzuki Tour to Spain!


Join us to hear the Suzuki Faculty playing
Cello, Guitar, Piano, Viola and Violin.
Featuring music by Spanish Composers:
deFalla, Granados, Turina, Sor, and Sarasate, and more!

Performers include:
Beth Turco, Annette Lee, Jean Seils, Alan Johnston, Alison Fahy, Andrea French, Joe Kaiser, Christy Libbus, Carlynn Savot, & Rebeccah Parker Downs.

The Suzuki Faculty present this recital as a fundraiser for the Suzuki Tour Fund. Donations will be used to reduce the cost of tours for families and fund student scholarships. Suggested donations $10/Adult, $5/Student.
Please make checks payable to MSA.

Please join us after the recital for a reception in the U.S. Bank Lobby!

Fall Semester:Friday, December 1, 2017, 6:00 pm, Antonello Hall
We had so much fun playing our favorite Suzuki songs together!

Featured pieces included:   Happy Farmer for 4 Pianists, Vivaldi Double Cello Concerto, and Eccles Violin Sonata mvmnts 1 and 2, led by Mark Bjork! 

Nick Trygstad, professional cellist and former Suzuki Cello student, was a featured soloist to celebrate our 50th Anniversary on this recital! Nick is the son of MacPhail Suzuki faculty Linda Trygstad, and I recall hearing him play for Yo Yo Ma about 20 years ago!

The Suzuki Faculty presented this recital as a fundraiser for the Suzuki Bjork/Pederson Scholarship Fund. 



Groups Concert

MacPhail Suzuki String Group Concerts

Saturday April 21, 2018, MacPhail Center for Music​,  Antonello Hall

Unpack: CELLOS AND VIOLAS: Unpack in the US Bank Lobby. VIOLINS: Unpack at the tables on the first floor.

Gather:  Look for your group teacher to gather with your group and tune – see below for gathering locations.

              CELLO GROUPS:            Gather US Bank Lobby

              VIOLIN and VIOLA GROUPS:    Gather on first floor – see meeting locations below

Students will enter the recital hall with their group and sit together. 

Dress:  White tops and black bottoms.

ParentsPlease wait to enter the Hall until the previous concert participants have completely exited. We have had a few damaged instruments due to people trying to enter the Hall while students and families were still trying to exit.

Cello Group Concert 8:15 (arrive by 8:00) All Cello Groups

Violin Group Concert 9:30 (arrive by 9:00)

  • ​Alison’s 9:15, 10:00 and 11:00 Groups – Meet in space between elevator and steps
  • Heather’s 10:00 and 11: 00 Groups – Meet in hallway that leads to rooms 125, 126 and 127
  • Joy’s 9:15 10:00 and 11:00 Groups – Meet on bottom steps of big staircase
  • Kamini’s 9:15 Group – Meet outside room 124
  • Katie's 10:15 Group – Meet outside room 124

Violin and Viola Group Concert 10:45 (arrive by 10:15)

  • Beatrice’s 9:15, 10:00 and 11:00 Groups - Meet in space between elevator and steps
  • Kamini's 11:00 Group – Meet outside room 124
  • Linda, Margaret and Ruth's Viola Groups – Meet on bottom steps of big staircase
  • Susan's 10:00 and 11:00 – Meet in hallway that leads to 125, 126 and 127

MacPhail Suzuki String Groups Final Play-In

“Take Me out to the. . . ...Play-In”

Saturday April 28, 2018 DeLaSalle High School Florence Center

Wear your favorite baseball team’s T-shirt!

9:45-10:45 Multi-Instrument Play-In

Violins:                                  Cellos                                   Violas

Joy’s 9:15                           Carlynn’s 9:00                 Margaret’s 10:00

Joy’s 10:00                         Carlynn’s 10:00

Beatrice’s 9:15                     Andrea’s 10:00

Beatice’s 10:00

Heather’s 10:00

Alison’s 10:00

Susan’s 10:00


11:00-12:00 Multi-Instrument Play-In

Violins:                                    Cellos                                    Violas

Katie’s 10:15                         Andrea’s 9:00                       Ruth’s 10:15

Kamini’s 11:00                      Andrea’s 11:00                     Linda’s 11:00

Heather’s 11:00                      Joe’s 9:00                        Margaret’s 11:00

Alison’s 9:15                          Joe’s 11:00

Susan’s 11:00                       Carlynn’s 11:00

Beatice’s 11:00

Alison’s 11:00

Joy’s 11:00

Orchestra Concert

MacPhail Suzuki Orchestra and Note Reading Concert

SUNDAY April 29, 2018, 4:30

MacPhail Center for Music-Downtown, Antonello Hall

Rehearsal Schedule:  Arrive in time to START your rehearsal at the given time.

4:00 pm Chamber Warm-up – ANTONELLO HALL

3:30 pm DaCapo Warm-up – ANTONELLO HALL

3:30 pm Violin Notereading – ROOM 127

4:00 pm Cello Notereading – Room 127

3:30pm Camerata Warm-up – ROOM 125

4:00pm Sinfonia Warm-up –ROOM 125



  • Cellos: unpack in the US Bank Lobby (at the top of the stairs outside of the hall)
  • Violins and violas : unpack on the first floor – look for tables


  • Note Reading, DaCapo, Sinfonia and Camerata:  White Tops and Black Bottoms
  • Chamber:  All Black


SAM Graduations

Our Suzuki Association's state-wide chapter, the Suzuki Association  of Minnesota, (SAM), provides an opportunity every year for students to participate in a Graduation process similar to the one Suzuki observed for decades. 

Suzuki would listen to recordings sent to him by children from all over Japan, assess the skills of the player and write back to the student with either corrections or a Graduation Certificate. His Graduation Certificates were handpainted ink and brush by him, each and every one. 

Here in Minnesota, we make recordings also, and they are heard by other Suzuki teachers from all over the state who write comments--both suggestions and praise. After submitting recordings in January, participating students from all over the state gather for one large Graduation Concert in March. That concert celebrates graduates at each level, starting with advanced soloists representing books 9 & 10, then graduates from Bk 8 join them on stage and play the Bk8 Level graduation piece, then Bk 7 kids join on stage, etc. until the stage is full of kids playing Twinkle. Some years that is 400 kids playing Twinkle--pretty spectacular!

Recordings are due January 15th: we will make them in December, after our recital and before our holiday break. 

The Graduation Concert is Saturday, March 10th, at Bethel University in St. Paul. Rehearsals are in the early afternoon and the concert is midafternoon--plan to be there from about 1-5. Due to the long afternoon for SAM Graduation participants, we don't hold group or orchestra that morning at MacPhail. 

Winter Workshop WrapUp

Our Winter Workshop was so m u c h F U N!!!
Here are the heros who made it happen :) 
​L to R; Katie Bast, clinician; Mark Bjork, clinician; Erika Blanco, clinician; Alison Fahy, organizer extraordinaire. ​Thank you guys so much!

50th Anniversary photos!!

​photo credit Art Montzka
​photo provided by David Carp, MacPhail grad circa1982

^above: MacPhail Suzuki students at Stevens Point Suzuki Institute circa1975

Mark Bjork leading Eccles, Mark Bjork posing with some of the PlayIn participants, and some of our recent alums back from college for the event.