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Beatrice Blanc Studios

Suzuki Violin, MacPhail Center for Music

Group & Orchestra Contact Info

Please utilize these links to communicate absences or to submit a petition to perform if you've missed three rehearsals in a concert cycle. Make sure you write to the teacher of your group or orchestra, plus cc:Heather, plus cc:your studio teacher.

Program Director: Beth Turco 612.767.5395;

Assistant to the Director: Claire Miller 612.767.5341;

Group/Orch Coordinator: Heather VanderLey 612.767.5526;

Orchestra Conductors;                                                                                    
Tamara Gonzalez Da Capo Orchestra;

David Leung Camerata Orchestra;

Tamara Gonzalez Sinfonia Orchestra;

David Leung Chamber Orchestra;

Please consult the Orchestra Curriculum for guidelines to each orchestra level.


Blanc Studio Alumni

What's your latest news?

Some of you have been living abroad, some have finished nursing school, others have been making difference in the lives of those with disabilities... Some have started families of your own, <ack> and some have mourned the passing of loved ones. We are extended family for each other, and our connections give us strong roots.

I love hearing from my former students, and I love for them to get news of each other. Leave your email address so I can send you invites to our reunions.

I think of you all often with pride and hugs.

Instruments for Sale

Are you outgrowing your instrument? Looking to buy or sell within our studio or program?

Submit a digital photo of the front and back, plus a shop's description and price you paid. Are you including the case? The bow? Consult your local instrument shop for a viable figure to charge.

This is meant as a convenience, buyer beware. Make sure you have insurance for all items and that if you loan your instrument out on trial (one week recommended) that you have a written agreement about its condition and value. Think of the checklist covered when you're renting a car--avoid any question of when a nick occurred or if the price has changed.

Remember, when you trade-in at a shop you get 80-100% value on trade-ins. In a private sale you may lose that guarantee if you are in a hurry to sell or negotiate the price. Of top priority; we are all here to support each others growth and development.

IMPORTANT: never buy an instrument without having your teacher look at it first. We are here to advise and protect you.